Posted on November 10, 2013 · Posted in Products

Semantic Knowledge Base for SharePoint is now available for SP2010 and SP2013. Based on standards-compliant knowledge graphs (SKOS, RDF, OWL), knowledge bases can be browsed within SharePoint. Users will understand relations between business objects (or learning objects) with less effort. Comfortable search and filter functionalities help to find relevant concepts instantly. User-interface is highly configurable on SharePoint-level. Enrich your knowledge bases, make use of Linked data knowledge graphs like DBpedia, Freebase or Geonames!

Semantic Knowledge Base for SharePoint

Typical application scenarios:

  • help desks
  • enterprise vocabularies
  • e-learning
  • enterprise linked data

About the Author

Andreas Blumauer is managing partner at Semantic Web Company and responsible for various projects in the fields of knowledge management, semantic information management and linked data.