ServiceWe will accompany you at any stage of your project, from requirements elicitation to application maintenance.

Benefit from our deep experience with Microsoft solutions and semantic technologies.


How do I set up a thesaurus/taxonomy project?

Your company and/or your customers would like to improve the searchability and interlinkablility of their content? You would like to improve your information management to facilitate access to knowledge in-house as well as for other parties in a controlled way? You have identified taxonomies and thesauri as proper means to achieve these goals, but you would like to learn more about vocabulary management before you get the creation of a semantic layer started? We support you to set up a thesaurus project which will build the basis for a semantic information management: Together with you we define goals and scope, we identify sources for the creation of your controlled vocabulary, establish first structures and define quality criteria.

Our services

  • Provide training on the basic theory and principles of controlled vocabularies.
  • Provide a simple model for developing vocabularies supported by our solutions.
  • Support the in-house domain experts during the modelling process.
  • Research for existing sources that can be used.
  • Support transforming existing sources to have a start.
  • Develop maintenance and update strategies and workflows.
  • Define quality criteria

Your benefit

We and our partners have successfully supported customers building up their vocabularies in several projects therefore you can build upon our experience in

  • importing data from various sources to start from
  • selecting existing vocabularies that can be reused
  • build up a basic structure for the envisioned application scenarios
  • provide strategies and workflows for maintenance and updates of vocabularies
How can i customize a PoolParty installation to my needs?

Building up vocabularies with PoolParty is a task which is rather straight forward. But when it comes to publishing vocabularies or integrating them into customer specific solutions we can see frequently that our customers would need support. In many cases we guide them on the first steps into the Linked Data world by providing knowledge on these new technologies and standards. But we also support our customers design and develop new solutions that generate specific values.

Our services

  • Design of semantic solutions together with our customers
  • Development of solutions based on PoolParty API and SharePoint
  • Developer workshops:
    • develop solutions based on the PoolParty components
    • develop solutions in linked data environments
    • develop solutions integrated in enterprise intranets based on SharePoint

Your benefit

We have successfully supported customers with

  • customizing their PoolParty environment to their needs
  • designing and developing solutions individually tailored to their needs
  • providing know-how transfer for developing/maintaining their own solutions
Our long-term experience with SharePoint and semantic technologies has teached us, that each client has its very specific ideas how to use those technologies. We can offer services to you which helps you to build a solid basis for your project from the very beginning.

Our services

  • Requirements analysis
  • Content and workflow analysis
  • Strategies for efficient creation and maintenance of taxonomies/thesauri
  • System architecture
  • Accompanying measures for the introduction of the semantic system
  • Operational concept

Your benefit

Working together with us on your requirements specification and on various subjects which have to be considered until the semantic application will go into operation means that you have an experienced and reliable partner on your side. Together with our clients we have successfully implemented numerous large scale IT projects based on SharePoint and semantic technologies. Whenever linked data or semantic technologies should be implemented, we can help to reduce project risks, costs and time significantly.